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Workout 1, 2 & 3 

RELEASE: January 20th – 11am 

SUBMIT: February 2nd – 10am


Workout 4, 5 & 6

RELEASE: February 3rd – 11am 

SUBMIT: February 16th – 10am



Registration closes Feb 2nd @10am


  • Stage 2 – SEMI FINAL:
Date: May 15th 2022


This is the third and final stage of the 2021 MastersHQ Series
Duration: Three day event
Location: 2 days onsite and 1 day offsite
Program: 6 workouts

Date: July 8-10th 2022

Vic, Australia

4th Stage – 

First place in each RX age division will qualify for the Masters Fitness Collective Final

Date: October 2022

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA


2022 Battle of the Ages Throwdown
same sex pairs competition  

  • 1 day event
  • To be updated
  • 10 year age blocks
  • Hosted in each state/Region


Intermediate – scaling options available

Register to Compete, volunteer or as a Vendor

Victoria – Register

Tasmania – 

Queensland – 
CrossFit Kangarocks
May 23rd

New South Wales – 
Steel Coast CrossFit

Western Australia –
IronBody Crossfit

Australian Capital Territory – 
CrossFit SFS

South Australia
Email your EOI to MastersHQ


Northern Territory
Kickass CrossFit

New Zealand
Email your EOI to MastersHQ

 2022 health and wellness retreat

Don’t think, Do!

Sometimes all you need is space.
Space to stop thinking, start doing, and connect to a moment of clarity.

Join Mark Kluwer at Elevated Springs for a day where you can leave your worries at the gate and let go of expectations!

In 2016, while spending time with good friend and mentor Wim Hof, Mark experienced a moment of clarity that has now manifested as Elevated Springs. It is here, nestled amongst the fresh air and rolling hills of Hepburn Springs, that he hopes to share that same experience with all of you.

During Come as you are…no expectations you will be invited to join Mark in a series of practices that he has utilised over his journey, and run a muck around the 70 acre bush block.

There will be opportunities to explore breath work, functional movement, axe throwing and an ice bath, as well as time to focus on true connection over a shared a meal (gf, v and p).

Most importantly, you will be provided with the space to guide your own journey and leave with a feeling of strength, inner peace and clarity for the journey ahead.


  • Registration open soon


2022 MastersHQ CrossFit® Championship season:
Online Qualifier: January 20th – February 16th

Semi Finals: May 15th 2022
Location: Live in most states and some countries.
Online option availble for some

MastersHQ CrossFit® Championship:
Date: July 8-10th 2022

Victoria, Australia. 

Addition qualifying stage / Stage 4:

Masters Fitness Collective
Date: October 2022.

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA


MastersHQ CrossFit® Championship Online Qualifier 2022
  • Registration open
  • Price: $39.95 
  • Duration:
    Runs for 4 weeks. 3 tests released every 2 weeks.
    6 Total scoring opportunities at the completion of 4 weeks.
  • Workouts:
    Workouts will be released onto our website, Facebook and instagram page as well as via email. These will include weight requirements for each age/division and links to demonstrations of workout standards as well as printable score sheets.
  • Participants:
    Participants have 2 weeks to complete the workouts and submit their score via Competition Corner.
    Scores must be submitted no later than 10am on submission day for scores to count.
  • Age:
    To be eligible to enter this competition, athletes must be 30 years or above on December 31st 2022.
    Age category is based on your age on 31st December 2022
  • Verification:
    MastersHQ recommends the WeTime timing app. All tests will be programmed in to the timing app for your convenience.
    Videos are required for any athlete (Intermediate and RX) to progress to the next round
    Please check video submission rules HERE
  • Leaderboard:
    Each individual athlete will be able to track their ranking on our live MHQ leaderboard also found on our website.

Online Workout release dates 2022: 

Workout 1, 2 & 3

RELEASE: Jan 20th – 11am

SUBMIT: Feb 2nd – 10am

Workout 4, 5 & 6

RELEASE: Feb 3rd – 11am

SUBMIT: Feb 16th – 10am

    Top 8 athletes in each age category and division in each State/region will be invited to compete in the next stage of competition – MastersHQ CrossFit® Championship Semi Final

    MastersHQ CrossFit® Championship Semi Final 2022

    2022 SEMI FINALS:
    At the completion of the MastersHQ CrossFit® Championship Online Qualifier, the top 8 male and female athletes in each age/division, from each State will be invited to compete in the next stage of competition – MastersHQ CrossFit® Championship Semi Final.

    • Date: May 15th 2022
    • Locations: Each Australian State.
      International: Video submission rules found HERE:
      TOP 2 Male and female athletes in each age/division from each State with qualify for the MastersHQ CrossFit® Championship2022 MASTERSHQ CROSSFIT® CHAMPIONSHIPS
      Date: July 8-10th 2022
      VIC – PerFit Training Centre
      ACT – CrossFit SFS
      NSW – Steel Coast CrossFit
      SA – TBA
      WA – Ironbody CrossFit
      TAS – CrossFit Agema – TBC
      QLD – CrossFit Kanga Rocks
      NZ – TBA
      NT – CrossFit Kickass
      ASIA – TBA
      INTERNATIONAL – OnlineInternational athletes will compete in the Semi Final via video submission
      Top 2 athletes from each age category and division in each State/region will be invited to compete in the next stage of competition:
      MastersHQ CrossFit® Championship
    MastersHQ CrossFit® Championship 2022

    MastersHQ CrossFit® Championship

    • Date: July 8th – 10th 2022
    • Location: Live in some states plus online option.
    • Format: 2 days, 3 workouts per day.  Can be completed via online submission but must be in order.
      3 workouts on day 1 within 8 hour time window.
      3 workouts on day 2 within 8 hour time window.
      Can be completed in 1 Day if needed.

      MastersHQ CrossFit® Championship

      • Date: July 8-10th 2022
      • Location: Victoria, Australia
      • Format: 3 day event, 2 days onsite, 1 day offsite.

    2022 Battle of the ages M/M or F/F pairs competition

    ationBattle of the Ages

    10 year age blocks
    30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+

    Intermediate – movement substitutes available

    Register to Compete, volunteer or as a Vendor

    Victoria – PerFit, Ballarat

    Tasmania – CrossFit Agema TBC

    Registration opens soon
    Queensland – CrossFit Kangarocks

    Registration opens soon

    New South Wales – Steel Coast CrossFit

    Western Australia – IronBody CrossFit
    Registration opens soon

    Australian Capital Territory – CrossFit SFS

    Registration opens soon

    Northern Territory
    CrossFit Kickass
    Registration opens soon

    South Australia & New Zealand

    Please email your EOI to MastersHQ
    state Training sessions

    Stay tuned for dates and details on your state specific training sessions.

    Training camps coming soon…


    No Seminars at this moment

    from our sponsor angry calf

    Angry Calf was launched in February 2018  with the simple goal of making high quality workout gear that was affordable for athletes and actually made a difference to performance.

    Around the same time as our Company was launching, a new Masters competition was being developed across Australia branded MastersHQ. To be fair we didn’t know a lot about Masters Competitions and it was only through a chance encounter that we were introduced to Mel Robinson and the team who run the MastersHQ season.

    As a small start-up brand with a limited following, we reached out to the HQ crew and asked if we could participate as a prize sponsor for the season and we were delighted when they took the chance on Angry Calf and bought us on board for their inaugural competition season.

    Read more here: