Masters HQ


2019 MastersHQ Series – Road to the World Championship

  • Stage 1 – ONLINE QUALIFIER: 

6 weeks – 1 release every 2 weeks.

Register here:

  • MHQ 19.1 – 11th APRIL 11am SUBMIT: 24th APRIL 12pm
  • MHQ 19.2 – 25th APRIL 11am SUBMIT: 8th MAY 12pm
  • MHQ 19.3 – 9th MAY 11am SUBMIT: 22nd MAY 12pm
  • Stage 2 – SEMI FINAL:

Date: 13th July ’19
           14th July ’19 – QLD only 

Live Semi Finals Held in each State, ACT included. NT and International independant will compete via video submission


Date: 25th, 26th and 27th October

Location: Logan, QLD, Australia

2020 Battle of the Ages Throwdown

  • M/M or F/F competition
  • 10 year age blocks
  • Jan/Feb 2020
  • Hosted in each state/Region

Training programs

Team Project X Seminar


  • MastersHQ
  • Australian Functional Fitness
  • The Aussie Throwdown
  • Girls Gone RX

More details to come


MastersHQ 2019 season:
Online Qualifier: 11 April – 22nd May
Semi Finals: 13th July – Live in your state (NT & International independent via video submission)
World Championship: 25th, 26th and 27th Oct – Logan City, QLD

The Online Qualifier
  • Price: $39.95
  • Duration:
    Runs for 6 weeks. 1 Workout release Every 2 weeks.
    Workout releases may includes more than one part…sometimes resulting in more than 1 score per release.
    6-8 Total scoring opportunities at the completion of 6 weeks.
  • Workouts:
    Workouts will be released onto our website, Facebook page and via email. These will include weight requirements for each age/division and links to demonstrations of workout standards as well as printable score sheets.
  • Participants:
    Participants have 2 weeks to complete the workouts and submit their score via Competition Corner.
    Scores must be submitted no later than 12pm on submission day for scores to count.
  • Age:
    To be eligible to enter this competition, athletes must be 30 years or above on December 31st 2019. (please note date change from previous year)
    Age category is based on your age on 31st December 2019
  • Athletes:
    All parts of the workouts must be competed on the same day.
    This is an honesty system so we ask that you follow the rules to be fair to fellow athletes and the MHQ system. If you are found to have breached the rules, you will automatically be disqualified from the competition.
  • Verification:
    Workouts are not required to be verified for the 2019 Online Qualifier
    (Video evidence of workouts may be requested though so we highly recommend you film all workouts following the video submission rules if you believe you may dominate so much so that we will ask for evidence)  Video submission rules can be found here:
  • Athletes without a judge:
    Participants that are unable to complete workouts with a judge must submit video submission with their score submission: Video submission rules are here:
  • Leaderboard:
    Each individual athlete will be able to track their ranking on our live MHQ leaderboard also found on our website.
Workout release dates:
  • MHQ 19.1
    RELEASE: 11th APRIL – 11am
    SUBMIT: 24th APRIL – 12pm
  • MHQ 19.2
    RELEASE: 25th APRIL – 11am
    SUBMIT: 8th MAY – 12pm
  • MHQ 19.3
    RELEASE: 9th MAY – 11am
    SUBMIT: 22nd MAY – 12pm
Top 10% (capped at 10 – Minimum of 5) of all male and female athletes in each age/division, from each State, will be invited to compete in the next stage of competition – THE SEMI FINAL
The Semi Final


At the completion of the Online Qualifier, the top 10% (capped at 10 – Minimum of 5) of all male and female athletes in each age/division, from each State will be invited to compete in the next stage of competition – THE SEMI FINAL.

The World Championship


  • Date: 25th, 26th & 27th October 2019

  • Location: Logan City, QLD

    *Please note: OPEN athletes will be competing against the top qualifying athletes from Australasia and New Zealand only!

    See more about the AFFF here:

    See more about the iF3 here:

2020 Throwdown

Battle of the Ages 

Hosted in every state!

Late Jan/early Feb 2020

M/M or F/F Partner competition

10 year age blocks
30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+

More details to come!

state Training sessions

Stay tuned for dates and details on your state specific training sessions.

Training camps coming soon…


Team Project X Seminar

from our sponsor angry calf

Angry Calf was launched in February 2018  with the simple goal of making high quality Crossfit gear that was affordable for athletes and actually made a difference to performance.

Around the same time as our Company was launching, a new Masters competition was being developed across Australia branded MastersHQ. To be fair we didn’t know a lot about Masters Competitions and it was only through a chance encounter that we were introduced to Mel Robinson and the team who run the MastersHQ season.

As a small start-up Crossfit brand with a limited following, we reached out to the HQ crew and asked if we could participate as a prize sponsor for the season and we were delighted when they took the chance on Angry Calf and bought us on board for their inaugural competition season.

Read more here: