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frequently asked questions

Q. how do i determine which age division i am in?

Age categories are based on your age as of 31st Dec 2019

Q. Can I enter into RX and Open

A. No sorry, you will need to choose one division and stick to it for the Online, semi and Final (World Championship)

can i compete if i'm not a member of an affiliate


Athletes must have an experienced judge or athlete, judge their workouts. Workouts must also be verified by an experienced judge.

Video submission is required if no judge is available.  Please see video submission rules here:

what is the difference between rx and open?

‘OPEN’ category is for beginner/lower level intermediate athletes.  

‘RX’ category is more for our higher level intermediate to advanced athletes

what if i have entered into the wrong category?

No problem!  

Please email admin with your request.

You have until 22nd May to make any adjustments to your registration details. 

Email admin at

How many progress from the Online Qualifier to the Semi Finals?

Top 10% (capped at 10 – Minimum of 5) of all male and female athletes in each age/division, from each State, will be invited to compete in the next stage of competition – THE SEMI FINAL

Do I need to submit a video for the Online Qualifier?

For the Online qualifier, you are only required to submit a video if you do not have a judge

Q. what if i can't swim

Don’t stress.  We ensure our swimming events are safe and acheivable for every single athlete!  We have your back!



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