MastersHQ is proud and super excited to welcome Livesore to our sponsorship team!

Livesore is a brand I feel very close to. I hosted their first launch into Masters in Victoria just a few years ago and since watched these guys soar.
The team behind livesore Australia are the type of people everyone loves. They are a special kind of people, our kind of people! Livesore is not just an awesome brand, it represents so much more!
Please take a moment to read about Livesore below.
You can also check out their website here:

Livesore is a Mentality, a Philosophy and a Lifestyle for those who train at making life better for themselves and those around them and our “Embrace the Pain” motto is their badge of honour from the result of the work they put in.

We don’t care if you are a fitness competitor, a Power Lifter, Spartan Racer, Marathon Runner, Bodybuilder or a Mum in a walking group. The satisfaction from giving it your best is the reward we are all chasing. And as a brand of active everyday wear it is our mission to allow you to wear the emotion of winning, breaking and rebuilding that is your life every day and any day.
Started as a small garage business in the US by our founder and Livesore HQ owner and operator Sean “Wagz” Wagner. It was his aim, to have awesomely high quality clothing that could take the punishment that any athlete could throw at it, with an awesome array of unapologetically in your face slogans. An ability to wear what we feel in the moment.
Since it’s inception in 2013 we have created a massive community and a huge following with over 7000 ambassadors worldwide and shipping over 1600 shirts a month for our Livesore Shirt Club worldwide alone.
Livesore Australia relaunched in March of 2019, and our mission since day one, is to be involved in the fitness community at all levels. We have been privileged to have athletes represent our brand at the Crossfit Games, The All Stars Alliance and recently at the Torian Pro. But more importantly we have a massive following in Australia with daily social engagement from our 14,000 followers on Instagram and 6,500 Facebook followers. These are our grassroots athletes that we like to see week in and week out.
The true core of Livesore Australia is getting to meet as many people in person at fitness events as possible. To get to know and understand our community at a personal level. By the end of 2019 we will have attended close to 25 Events from In-House comps to the Down Under Crossfit Championship. And we already have bookings well into the new year.
Livesore Australia is looking forward to being a part of MastersHQ to help grow and nurture the community.

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